The use of guidelines is a very easy way to ensure a good way of working, use what is already available and proven.


This is a compilation of guidelines regarding security and privacy. To make it simpler and more perspicuous  the guidelines

are grouped based on areas. There are e.g. areas about ISO27000 and software development. Based on what you need guidelines for

there  might be a need to combine information from several areas to get a complete understanding of the area.


A compilation of information/guidelines regarding the ISO27000 standard.

Cloud services 

How to move to the cloud from a "local" Datacentre.

Various guidelines 

Guidelines that does not adhere to a specific area.

Software development 

Information and guidelines for development regarding privacy and security.

Software testing 

Information and guidelines for testing.


Guidelines for privacy and laws including recommendations for cloud services.

Operations & Maintenance 

Information regarding Operations & maintenenace. Depending on the type of operations (e.g. in-house or cloud), more or less of the information is usefull.

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