Below is links to different webpages where information regarding Operations & maintenenace are available. Depending on the type of operations (e.g. in-house or cloud), more or less of the information is usefull.

The information covers primarily security.

The Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense is a publication of best practice guidelines for computer security.
The guidelines consist of 20 key actions, called critical security controls (CSC), that organizations should implement to block or mitigate known attacks.
Search and filter CIS Controls Implementation Groups.

The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics. These cheat sheets were created by various application security professionals who have expertise in specific topics.

The goal is that the project provides you with excellent security guidance in an easy to read format.

Over 15 years of experience in web application security bundled into a single application. The Security Knowledge Framework is a vital asset to the coding toolkit of your development team. Use SKF to learn and integrate security by design in your web application.

SKF is an open source security knowledgebase including manageble projects with checklists and best practice code examples in multiple programming languages showing you how to prevent hackers gaining access and running exploits on your application.

CERT.SE's Incident Management process is based on parts of other incident management processes, such as SANS and NIST's. The parts that CERT.SE, as incident manager, primarily works with are: Identify, Limit and Prevent.

The process is first and foremost for CERT.SE's own work on incident management, but is made available here for other organizations to use for information purposes.

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