Below is links to guidelines regarding certain areas concerning privacy. These guidelines are a complement to laws and regulations available here.


The Swedish Social Insurance Agency have made an analysis of the use of cloud services, e.g. risks and how to move forward.

The guide is for companies and what to think about/what needs to be handled regarding their business and GDPR. The guide is in Swedish.

The European Union is also supplying a guide/checklist for GDPR which is in English. 

Due to the information leakage that occurred in connection with the outsourcing of IT operations at the Swedish Transport Agency, SKR (Sweden's Municipalities and Regions) has produced information in support of municipalities and regions regarding outsourcing.

eSam's legal expert group produced a legal statement on clearing and cloud services in the fall of 2018. In the statement, they describe their interpretation of the applicable law on the matter. In September 2019, the group of experts supplemented the statement with a clarification.

SKR (Sweden's Municipalities and Regions) has developed guidelines that help municipalities and regions analyze issues of law and security for cloud services.

To decide whether your organization should use cloud services, you need to analyze a number of aspects. This is to ensure that the cloud service is suitable for the business and the information to be managed. What needs to be analyzed is the legal conditions and security of the information.

eSam members run development initiatives in collaboration to facilitate individuals and companies in various life events and to facilitate members' own digital transformation and efficiency.
eSam brings together skills in complex and common areas to provide, for example, guidance and other support that create benefits for members.

Companies can reduce the probability of a data breach and thus reduce the risk of fines in the future, if they chose to use encryption of personal data. The processing of personal data is naturally associated with a certain degree of risk. Especially nowadays, where cyber-attacks are nearly unavoidable for companies above a given size.

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