The use of tools can be a good way to facilitate the work with security, such as password management, secure messages and automatic testing.


This is a collection of software and tools to facilitate the work with security and privacy.

To make it simpler and more perspicuous the software/tools are grouped based on areas. The software and tools presented

are only a fraction of what is available, but it is a presentation of what I have judged to be relevant/interesting.

Password Managers 

Links to Password Managers for storing e.g. passwords and/or credit card information.

Online Tools 

Links to free online tools for e.g. scan websites for vulnerabilities.

Secure delete 

Links to software to perform "secure delete", i.e. delete files in such a ways that it is impossible to restore the files.

Various Mobile Apps 

Links to various Mobile Apps regarding privacy and security.

Mobile Messaging Apps 

Links to various Mobile Apps for messaging. Focus on the Mobile Apps has been privacy and security, e.g. use of encryption to ensure private conversations.

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