Below are links to various Mobile Apps for messaging. Focus on the Mobile Apps has been privacy and security, e.g. use of encryption to ensure private conversations.

The Mobile Apps are ranked according to how secure they are, ie Signal is the most secure app. The ranking is based on mine and others in the security area's experience.

The Apps have been tested but you have to make your own decision before you use them (use them at your own discreation).

Signal is a secure, free, and open source messaging application that uses end-to-end encryption to securely send and receive all kinds of communications with other Signal users. Using the Internet for all encrypted communication, Signal comes highly recommended by some of the top privacy and security advocates.


EU staff use the messaging app Signal for secure messaging.

Telegram is a mobile messaging app with focus on the security conscious user. It features fast, encrypted chat messaging, with client-server encryption for standard chats. A Secure Chat mode provides end-to-end encryption so that only you and your intended recipient can read it. You can even set messages to self-destruct.

WhatsApp is part of the Facebook family and have quite a lot of users. Users can send text, photos, voice and short video messages to their WhatsApp contacts, and the App has continuously added new features to its toolkit, such as emoji, and fully encrypted messaging between WhatsApp users.


If you can’t get e.g. your kids to use Signal, this App might be the second-best choice. Since the App have quite a lot of users, probably some of your kids’ friends use the App.

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